Students & Teachers/ Faculty Membership

From engineering, medical, Dental college, Design institutes, Film, Architecture college, Pharma college and students from all educational institutes.

Individual Membership

 Doctors, surgeons, Engineers, Scientist, Architects, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Trainers, Enthusiast, Sector representatives, Artist, Researchers, Consultants, Entrepreneur or any professional joining in their individual capacity.

Corporate Membership

3D Printer manufacturing co, Reseller co, 3D Software cos, 3D Printing Service Co, 3D Printing Consulting Co, Material cos, hospitals, research institutions or any company joining the Association.  Minimum 5 members of the same company can register as members.

Life Membership

The membership is a one-time membership fee for an Individual or for corporates with all the benefits offered to them as key representatives.

International Membership

Individual or corporates having a registered international address and who wish to actively participate as a member in the association. All International Members have to pay a one-time fee only. The member will get all the privileges offered to a life member.

Student/ Teacher/ Faculty Member (INR) Individual Member ( INR) Corporate Member (INR) Life Member International Member (USD)
Individual (INR)
Corporate (INR)

3DPERA Membership registration form

Payment Details :

Payment option: Debit Card,Credit Card,Net Banking,Wallets,UPI,BHIM,Pay, secured by Instamojo and Approved by RBI

All payments in India Rupees (INR) to be made 
Bank Name : State Bank of India

through A/C payee Cheque / DD payable at Account No : 38947214109
Mumbai or NEFT/ RTGS in the SBI Bank account details shared.

MICR Code : 


1.The Membership will have privileges with the opportunity for attending In-house and endorsed events registered as partners by the Association. 

2. Teachers and Faculty of school, college and institutes the membership fee for life is only INR 8000 as an exception compared to other life memberships.

3. Students and teachers will be given a training and educational program formulated in their school,  college and institute for the first learning programme complimentary with the  3DPERA membership.

4. A Strong consortium of leaders, initiators across industry, academicians, scientist, researchers, manufacturers, service providers and 3D printing  experts to be connected for networking, services, information exchange, consultation and business opportunity.
5. Professionals engagements from all the specialisation across sectors from Medical, Health care, Dental, Orthopaedics, Medical Devices, Pharma, Tissue Engineering, Life science, Prosthetics, Engineering, Electronics, Automobile, Aerospace, Architecture, Construction, Jewellery, Packaging, Design, Art, Entertainment, Heavy Industries, Oil & Gas, Energy, Shipping, Education and others.
6. As a privilege all members will get the first cum first cum preference and discount offered in events and conference organised by 3DPERA.
7. Suggestion for startups and professionals with the insights about technology offered by consultant from the council and 3DPERA.
8.  Members can avail of services offered by members in the association to benefit for each other.

9.Will represent as a key member of the association working in confluence for initiatives planned together for technology enhancement from various insights for business and awareness.

10.Corporate members would get a chance to promote their company in events and conference for sponsorship or group delegate registration where they will be offered discount.

11. Corporate members can use the logo of the association for representation with prior approval.

12. Members identified by the Council and the Managing Committee will get to endorse the association for regional tie-up and initiatives with the logo signature as Council Members representing each CITY, STATE and INTERNATIONAL CHAPTER.

13. Company Membership: Company will get sponsorship discounts for promotion and display of innovative technology in the events planned.

14. Life Membership can be for Individual or for Corporates.

15. All International Members are life members.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Registration will be confirmed upon the receipt of registration fee.
  2. For students booking the details of respective college and institute needs to be shared with the Identity Card.
  3. No refunds will be made on cancellation.
  4. The Subscription is valid for the current year starting from the date of registration for a year. 
  5. In case of continuity the membership would need to be renewed for the subsequent year as per your choice with the options. As a student you can be upgraded to a Individual.
  6. Corporate Membership will be accorded to 5 members from the organization.
  7. International membership can have one or 5 members who could be registered from the organization or can be official distributers from India.
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