Dear 3DPERA Members:

As a President of 3D Printing Education & Research Association ( 3DPERA)  I am humbled to be heading the team that will be leading 3DPERA during the months ahead. Joining our team is Dr. Jayesh Bellare, HOD, Chemical Engg, IIT Bombay the Vice-President, Dr. Shibu John, Secretary General & Founder, Dr. John Nesan, Joint Secretary  and Mr. Vinod Noronha, Treasurer. Heartfelt thanks go out to our Secretary General & Founder Dr. Shibu John for his tireless efforts to formulate the association getting all the stakeholders and respondents together with a focus and intent to start the initiative in India. Also recognizing the active participation of our Managing Committee members Mr. Vikram Visvanathan, Mr. Amit Kimmatkar and our legal advisor Adv Willson Gaikwad with other respondents who will be working with us representing different sectors as members of various council within the association. As an organization, 3DPERA is the first 3D printing association responsible for education and research in India. And we see a great opportunity for promoting it through all the educational institutions in the country.  The association has a clear vision laid down with the agenda to support and benefit the industries using the technology.  And we believed customization with Digital manufacturing is the future.  The sectors benefiting would be Dental, Maxillofacial, Orthopedics, Prosthetics, Tissue Engineering, Medical Devices, Pharma, Engineering, Aerospace, Automobile, Manufacturing, Tooling, Design, Architecture, Construction, Packaging, Fashion, Art, Entertainment, Education and many others. We encourage all the sector respondents as students, professional and service providers in the technology who are looking at a consortium to join us for benefiting from the association.  The Association will act as a catalyst for the technology working closely with policy makers and initiators across industries. This will be the first association in the country with an inclusion of sectors, industries and professionals across specialization. We have doctors, engineers, scientists, designers, 3D Printer Cos, software companies, material companies, 3D Scanners and others. Our membership is designed with council and sector participation so that everyone joining us will benefit in the value chain. In closing, we would like to thank you for your membership and support, and look forward to working closely with you to ensure that 3DPERA will grow and prosper.


Dr. Mansing Pawar
3DPERA President

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