3D PRINTING EDUCATION & RESEARCH ASSOCIATION is a non profit organisation  founded in 2019 by a group of researchers, Academicians, Doctors, Scientist, Engineers, Designers, Software cos, Additive Manufacturing companies and technology companies. The intent of forming this association is to recognise 3D printing technology as an industry across sectors in India. The Association will align with all the policy makers from each Ministries of the Government of India to get the technology its presence and importance initiated for recognition in each of the sectors. Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Medical & Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Skill Development, Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprise, Ministry of Science & Technology and others relevant Ministries for policy initiatives.  The Association will also be a catalyst as a global representation in Research, development, education, skill development, Human resource, Training  with new initiatives, which will benefit all the sectors. The sectors of focus will be Dental, Maxillofacial, Prosthesis, Orthopedic, Medical devices, Tissue Engineering, Lifescience, Pharma, Aerospace, Defense, Engineering, Electronics, Automobile, Tooling, FMCG, Architecture, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Design, Jewelry, fashion, Art, Entertainment, Education, research  and other relevant industries benefiting from the technology.

3DPERA will also evolve as an integrated platform for all the major industry associations in India and Globally to work with them for benefiting their respective industries.

We would also include start-ups and enterprises with a focus to push the industry forward by evangelizing the concept of Additive Manufacturing in India. The association is aimed to bring together all stakeholders to a common platform and promote overall growth of Additive manufacturing technology in India by promoting collaboration and education thereby also addressing needs of all members of the Industry irrespective of their affiliation or their company size.  Education, Research and development is also the prime focus of the association, which will institute a conscious effort in working closely with the respective research institutions and scientist to develop new means and methods to achieve the best in class materials, machines, software and other prerequisites.


Our Aim is to represent 3D Printing technology and the industry’s viewpoint and work with various government bodies, apex industry chambers in formulation of policies and rules on the challenges and opportunities of the industry, that may help promote and protect the interests of the Industry in its endeavor to serve the consumers better.

Our Aim is to work with the facilitators across industries, trade bodies and Industry association in framing, development and dissemination of best practices related to environment, quality, manufacturing, and other relevant areas.

Promotion & Awareness

Our Aims is to provide the best information with quality interaction among the stakeholders across sectors and industry through meetings, conferences and other events. We also intend to create a Media and  PR  panel for  news coverage and corporate communication  with press releases.

R & D, Education , Skill Development & Training

Our Aim is to catalyze technology development among its members and open up new opportunities for R&D, education and skill development to ensure we create a prefect ecosystem for human resources with training.

Industry Awareness & Programs

Our Aim to act as a  key respondent for creating awareness and disseminating knowledge through consumer  training, conference, events  and awareness programs. Further tie-up with various industry bodies and associations of various different industry and sector.


  1. 3D Printing industry status
  1. Cost of Materials & Technology – Defining the economics of scale for reach and maximum penetration.
  1. Inclusive Innovation.
  1. Education & Research
  1. Skill Development
  1. Human resources.
  1. CSR Activity projects
  1. Global representation – Global Events , Global Industry and 3D printing association tie-ups.
  1. Standardisation & Accreditation.
  1. Media dissemination

3D Printing Education & Research Association - Registration Certificate

The aims and objects of the society are as per the society Registration Act, 1860, ie. Section 20.


  1. To bring all the stakeholders from 3D Printing technology to join together and work for the overall growth of the Technology so as to benefit the general public.
  1. To take all necessary steps for identifying 3D Printing as an independent Industry.
  1. To create awareness amongst the masses about the applications and benefits of 3D Printing Technology.
  1. To bring all stakeholders to think on inclusive innovations so as to make use of 3D Printing  economically viable for Indian Community .
  1. To impart knowledge by conducting  programmes across industries for promoting the 3 D Printing  Technology in the field  of Education , Research , Training , Innovations by organising events, conferences, workshop, interactive sessions, exhibitions, in house research facilities, promotion of Research & Development and finally  providing a unique  platform which will work globally for 3D printing Community.
  1. To enter into any contracts or agreements or arrangement with any other company / society /NGO/ Trust / Firm and Persons  across India and abroad to fulfil the object of  the Association .
  1. To converge the available human resource from all the related sector’s  of 3D printing technology for the benefit and growth of Community.
  1. To co-ordinate with  concerned government authorities and departments for the overall growth of the 3D printing community and the end users.
  1. To bring together sectors  or associations and global associations to join hands working in-confluence together promoting the technology with each sectors promoting Additive manufacturing.
  1. To make positive and extensive efforts to develop the skills, so that it will benefit individuals as well as the technology.
  1. To ensure the Quality output , overall growth and utility including guarantee for efforts taken in  all possible ways by the association   and convince the government for  creating a body or giving approval to the association for deciding the standard’s in 3 D Printing
  1. To co-ordinate and advise the Government on formation of policies as and when necessary.
  1. To oppose and discourage for any malpractices
  1. To advise on formulation of various Statutory bodies by the Government.
  1. To promote the acquisition and spread of knowledge and skills among individuals , groups , organizations, communities by experimenting , evolving, developing , disseminating information and training through various forms of communications, media and methods which promote the objectives of the organizations.
  1. To aim on the larger goal of creating entrepreneurship & to see how it can create more jobs for the future growth of nation.
  1. To work as a catalyst to see how it can take this technology forward  and ensure it reaches the last user in the country .
  1. To encourage investments in start up companies.
  2. The activity of the Society will be carried out globally with its base in India 
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